Dulwich Picture Gallery is one of London’s most vibrant cultural hubs, housing a significant collection of 17th and 18th-century artwork, leading exhibitions and various public and community engagement events. It was Britain’s first purpose-built gallery, opening its doors to the public back in 1814. With a clear focus on ROI and the need for a purchase path that could be adapted and scaled, Dulwich Picture Gallery needed a quick turn-around on a web integration with their new ticketing solution Tessitura.

With over 10 years experience delivering Tessitura integrations and our own T-Bridge product, which offers enhanced capability for both full API and TNEW integrations, they came to us to deliver a seamless, responsive solution that would fit in with their existing website in phase 1, but that would also give them flexibility and scope to enhance and improve the experience for users over the coming months and years.

They needed to be able to sell timed-entry tickets, packages, and event tickets of different types, both paid and free with a broad selection of different types of events from late night one-offs to children-focused workshops and exhibitions. But above all else, the solution needed to be simple, quick and as user-friendly as possible.

“Just want to say another huge thanks for your tremendous efforts over the last few weeks. I gave the team a mini-heart attack yesterday by reminding them of the many ‘firsts’ with the site – first full REST API site (in the UK?!), first ever time you’d developed on T-Bridge front-end itself rather than within the CMS, first time using PX… It’s been great working with you and we’re so pleased with what you’ve been able to achieve for us – especially given the very tight timescales. Looking forward to building on things in 2018 too!”

- James Clark, Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery Tessitura integration - whats on responsive page
The journeys were carefully crafted to guide the user through the purchase process, with clear interactions and notifications to ensure consumer confidence and higher conversion rates. We worked closely with their existing web design partner to ensure all new features and design worked in harmony.

We built a new end-user-facing facet of the T-Bridge, allowing Dulwich Picture Gallery’s purchase pathway to directly interface with both the data in T-Bridge and with the Tessitura REST API. It is our first site to fully utilise the REST API, which has allowed for much greater flexibility, better caching and faster load speeds.

The results were a swift solution and a very happy client who is able to deliver an optimal user experience and effectively sell tickets online.

Dulwich Picture Gallery Tessitura integration - checkout responsive page

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