EDF Energy is one of the largest energy companies in the UK, supplying more than 6 million residential and business accounts with electricity and gas. Providing more than a fifth of the nation’s electricity, EDF Energy is now the largest supplier by volume and operates throughout Europe. Beyond this and with a reputation for excellence in customer service, the company has an enviable record in innovation, research and development and a clear commitment to STEM.  

2 UK

WIDE site visits conducted


SENIOR stakeholders consulted

2 years

SCOPED digital roadmap produced

With the aim of meeting both the customer needs and the expectations of the current digital climate and competitors, we were selected by EDF Energy to construct a five year digital strategy to improve its digital performance and revitalise the business model. Having worked with EDF Energy to develop the multi award-winning Market Insight portal, CCS website and map out user journeys and the omnichannel experience on the B2C Home Move project, we were excited to be working alongside their team once again on this business-critical digital evolution.

“Well done guys. Seriously impressed with the years of knowledge and information the AD team were able to collect and translate into this project. Internal stakeholders still struggle with this, so it’s some achievement to complete what you have in mere months!”

Project Lead,
EDF Energy

Making the technology do the heavy lifting

At the heart of our consulting work was an in-depth technical scoping exercise, reviewing existing infrastructure and skill sets, in order to clearly identify gaps and opportunities. We worked with the EDF Energy team to gain a deep understanding of where the greatest challenges were and how both existing and new tools and processes could be implemented to resolve these.

EDF Energy Character by River

A clear vision for the future of EDF Energy

It was evident that the people had to be taken on the journey too, in order to deliver true digital excellence and a cultural shift. As such, we analysed the existing organisational structure and its ability to flex to a new digital model. As part of the digital roadmap process, this required dedicated digital policy capability, increased content capability, leading digital tools and enhanced service capability to effectively manage EDF Energy services as a centralised portfolio. After assessing internal practices, new roles and responsibilities were established that would form the foundation of more agile delivery teams.

We identified both a high level and a granular roadmap, with timeboxed, scoped activities and clear actionable steps for the next two years with a review point for the following three years from there. All activities were supported by an organisational impact analysis.

As a result of our digital roadmap and business case the EDF Energy B2B team have leveraged a significant sum of additional investment, enabling them to deliver upon the roadmap and establish new effective initiatives, which take guidance from our insights and recommendations. In just six months, we've already seen a number of actions taken to fruition with great effect and we look forward to continuing to work with the teams at EDF Energy to deliver upon our roadmap.