EDF Energy sought to boost customer retention and efficiencies in the B2C side of the business, through an in-depth omnichannel review, user mapping and strategic analysis of the Home Move experience. At the heart of this project was the business goal to realise in excess of £1.2m worth of business benefits.

When moving home consumers are largely unaware of the simplicity and benefits of taking their EDF Energy supply with them. In order to tackle a significant business case, EDF Energy needed to increase awareness that consumers can keep their existing tariff and easily switch suppliers in the new property, saving them time, hassle and money. Further to this customer retention, we also highlighted a significant opportunity for customer acquisition through the home move process.


WORTH of business benefits per annum


WEEKS spent on site with EDF Energy


DEBT RESOLUTION business case per annum


Crossing departments and communications teams, this project encompassed a complex marketing mix, meaning we centred on key user journeys and implementing more effective measures of attribution marketing - joining up the dots and ensuring consistency across the board.

A series of holistic process maps were developed through our iterative process that illustrated both light-touch and involved customer journeys. This allowed us to identify potential drop-off points, business challenges and opportunities to re-engage consumers.

Through our immersive approach, After Digital’s strategic team spent significant time on site with a number of different EDF Energy teams, looking at how their area of the business and communications mix fed into the overall Home Move experience. In-depth interviews, call-centre shadowing and stakeholder workshops provided a wealth of business knowledge upon which to build our proposition. This information was distilled into a series of potential touchpoints and channels and developed into key user scenarios and stories. These stories were then played out against the process maps to establish the ‘ideal’ customer experiences (across all channels).

“Well done guys. Seriously impressed with the years of knowledge and information the After Digital team were able to collect and translate into this project. Internal stakeholders still struggle with this, so it’s some achievement to complete what you have in mere months!"

Senior Propositions and Experience Design Executive Marketing,

EDF Energy


From there we acted as consultants for the wireframing and UX stages of this project, focusing primarily on how the online experience could be maximised to reduce the demand on call centre resource.

This project is now with the EDF Energy team and will be realised in full in the coming months. The success of this project led to EDF Energy extending our agreement on the digital roster and supported our successful application to complete the EDF Energy 5-Year B2B Digital Roadmap.