EDF Energy’s ‘Market Insight’ B2B portal provides critical energy market intelligence to energy engaged Industrial & Commercial and Public Sector Organisation customers to help them make informed decisions as part of their purchasing and risk strategies.

It was EDF Energy’s aspiration to develop an enhanced product in order to showcase their expertise and provide transparent market data to their valued business customer base. Having worked on EDF’ Energy’s agency roster, we were selected to strategise, design and develop an intuitive digital solution, which would enable EDF Energy to realise this ambition.


GROWTH in new users




NEW business users each month


Client and Agency Collaboration

The starting point for the project was an in-depth research and discovery process. Our team spent considerable time on site with the EDF team (across multiple UK centres) capturing key requirements and brainstorming new approaches to complex data. In addition, we reviewed feedback and behaviours of a variety of business user groups. Not only does this process allow us to improve our own understanding of the business and central user objectives, we were able to share our knowledge with the EDF team.

We then worked from a mobile first perspective, establishing the hierarchy of content, and wireframing a number of key users journeys with the EDF team. Having reviewed the wireframes, we moved into the design process, leveraging our UX experience, key material design principles and collaboration with our front-end design team for best practice responsive templates.

Due to the After Digital process, the first draft of wireframes were 90% there, allowing time for refinement and sense checking.

Digital Project Manager, B2B Marketing,

EDF Energy Group


At the heart of this project was presenting high volume quantities of complex data in an easily digestable format for the busy B2B client users. Through an in-depth agile user journey mapping process, this informed information architecture (IA) and wireframing from a mobile first perspective (through tablet up to desktop monitor) in order to illustrate how the responsive elements would respond intuitively.



The Market Insight project has been praised as one of the best digital solutions the EDF Energy Group have ever implemented. In the first month alone, the website saw a huge 2,900% growth in new users and now receives an average of 300 new business users each month (prior to the new solution, Market Insight only gained 10 new client sign-ups each month).

Market Insight has been a roaring success internally and was recently awarded the ‘Inspire Award’ for innovation at EDF Energy’s European-wide internal awards, for which only ‘exceptional pieces of work are put forward’. What’s more, the project beat off competition for the prize from the new EDF Energy Intranet system, which costs more than 30 times as much to deliver.

Additionally, the Chief Executive of EDF recognised the project in a company-wide speech as "leading in it’s class". It is now held in such high regard that it is used as a central graduate learning and engagement tool within the business.

The best digital agency I've ever worked with.

Digital Communications Manager, B2B Marketing,

EDF Energy Group


Having clearly communicated their industry-leading position, EDF Energy have identified that several key competitors (including NPower) are now developing similar solutions to try to compete with Market Insight in the B2B marketplace.

The success of this project has resulted in After Digital being asked to work on phase 2 of the Market Insight project, amongst a number of other business-critical projects.