Established in 1999, Formex Swiss Watches are an independent family-owned and operated watch manufacturer. From their base in Beil/ Bienne - known as the cradle of Swiss watchmaking - Formex produces high quality watches engineered with unique features to equip their timepieces with superior functionality and comfort.

Formex offers an affordable luxury watchmaking experience for those who appreciate fine timepieces and exceptional craftsmanship.

The founding brothers developed Formex’s signature patented case suspension system taking inspiration from the engineering and mechanics of high performance racing cars. In 2016, Formex opted out of brick and mortar stores and introduced a new distribution model, cutting out the middleman and selling direct to the customer.

We began working with Formex Swiss Watches in August 2019 to help their team build a stronger online presence, and drive revenue via their new website which launched in September 2019. Since then, our team of marketing experts have worked on social media advertising and paid search campaigns for Formex Swiss Watches, and also provide strategic advice around web UX, design and SEO on an ad hoc basis.

There have been some truly excellent results achieved within the first 10 months of our partnership:


INCREASE contributed towards a significant increase in revenue


INCREASE in overall goal
conversions via social media


INCREASE in last click conversions
from paid search

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When we started working on the account there had been very little PPC activity to date, so the existing account had only a small amount of data to work with. Initially we restructured the account to focus on a mix of brand, shopping, remarketing and shopping campaigns, with the intention of introducing Smart Shopping once enough data had been collected to allow the automation to make educated decisions.

Google Shopping has formed a key part of our eCommerce strategy as this has allowed us to directly advertise Formex products to those who search for them. Display (and display remarketing) was introduced at a later stage, however, RLSA has underpinned the strategy by retargeting those who did not convert on the first visit.


INCREASE in traffic from paid search


INCREASE in last click conversions
from paid search

Social Media

Having previously not ran paid social media content in the US and Germany, we were working from the ground up for Formex when it came to their social media advertising. Though increasing conversions from social media was a goal, there had to be a much larger focus on their brand awareness; ensuring that the Formex name was being pushed out there and retained by their target audience.

A key part of doing this was to focus on top-level funnel activity, creating initial engagement with the Formex brand through things such as video views, initial web traffic from colder audiences and newsletter subscribers. This led to a growth in awareness and engagement with Formex, warming the audience to who they are and what they have to offer, and they would also be a useful base for future retargeting and the creation of high-quality lookalike audiences.

A key part of this was increasing their newsletter subscribers. With a complex, automated email marketing set up running through their mail client, Klaviyo, being a part of Formex’s subscriber list did really mean an immersion into the brand, and this was key for warming up audiences for future sales. Through trial and error, we resolved to integrate their mailing client with Facebook, allowing them to run lead generation ads which offered an easy, auto-filling subscription form for those we targeted. This resulted in a vast increase in subscribers and we were able to bring their cost per subscriber down by around 90% in both the US and Germany.

Despite only being able to run some of the ad content we needed, we also quickly learned that Instagram Stories were a key channel of social media traffic for Formex, bringing in large volumes of traffic in both the US and Germany; around 30% and 27% of their overall paid social media traffic respectively. Instagram Stories also delivered several last-click purchases, something which was rarer through social media for this client due to a longer consideration period while brand awareness was being built up.

examples of formex swiss watches instagram stories

Alongside Instagram Stories, we often ran video retargeting campaigns which fed off of the brand awareness work we were doing with Formex’s varied portfolio of video content – many of which were positive product reviews from YouTube influencers. And, as a sports watch company, Formex also regularly worked with brand ambassadors in fields like snow sports, surfing, and motorsports. This meant they had amassed great relationships with professionals in these fields and, as such, had some great video content which allowed us to reach out to some niche sporting audiences. Off the back of using these videos, we were then able to retarget invested viewers – driving them to the website to consider adding a Formex watch to their collection. However, ultimately, all of our brand awareness and traffic-driving activity worked its way down the funnel and fed into retargeting content. And, with their need for increased top-level activity, we had to ensure that any social media retargeting was very much cost-efficient.

As their chosen e-commerce platform was Shopify, we were easily able to integrate Formex’s catalogue of products with Facebook, enabling the use of dynamic ad formats. This format allows advertisers to serve each viewer of the ad with a completely unique selection of products which are chosen based on their likes and interests on the platforms they are using. The use of these highly personalised formats delivered consistently high levels of engagement, with some dynamic ad formats reaching CTRs of well over 6%. The ability to harness dynamic ads meant that Formex was able to run highly impactful remarketing campaigns at a far lower cost.

Prior to our work with Formex, they had seen very little revenue through social media and none through Facebook and Instagram, as we worked with them to raise awareness and interaction with their brand throughout Germany and the US, we began seeing an increase in revenue and goal conversions through these channels.


INCREASE in social referral (US & Germany)


GROWTH in email subscribers


INCREASE in overall goal
conversions from social referral

Big Results

Our marketing efforts contributed to an increase of 247% in overall revenue during the first 10 months of our partnership. Our activities have not only made Formex more money, we have made great strides in generating massive growth in email subscribers which can then be retargeted, as well as increasing goal conversions on social media by 194%.
With the increases in revenue, conversion, traffic and social media footprint, we are proud of the impact our work with Formex Swiss Watches has had and look forward to continuing to build on this in the future.

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