Illuminated Mirrors is one of the UK’s largest and most-popular suppliers of bathroom mirrors and cabinets. After experiencing declining search rankings, falling social media engagement levels and diminishing returns from PPC, Illuminated Mirrors selected After Digital as their strategic digital partner in order to build traffic and revenue through effective online marketing.


INCREASE in online revenue


GROWTH in online profits


BOOST in website visitors


In order to improve the organic search performance we undertook three distinct campaigns: SEO, Content Marketing and Blogger Outreach. This was followed by PPC activity which was used to drive direct return on investment and increase exposure for the brand.

Search Engine Optimisation

Beginning with an in-depth technical audit of the entire site, we identified numerous technical errors which violated Google’s guidelines. Upon reviewing the content we noticed an overuse of keywords (over-optimisation essentially) and after extensive keyword research, our copywriting team began rewriting customer-focused copy to encourage conversions and improve search rankings.

After gaining an understanding of the Illuminated target audience, we began on-site blogging as a way of improving the quality of the site, increasing traffic and attracting natural links. Following this, we kicked off a blogger outreach campaign to build natural links and position the brand in front of new audiences.


INCREASE in organic traffic in the first 6 months


POSITION on Google for 75+ key phrases


INCREASE in organic revenue in the first 6 months


To improve the PPC performance we began with in-depth keyword research and analysis reviewing keywords from former campaigns to cut out underperformers and add any which offered the opportunity to capture and convert new customers. We implemented a regular review of ad copy, developed targeted landing pages and determined which were the most effective at driving engagement and revenue.

We then strategically adjusted ad spend across the campaigns followed by the implementation of dynamic ads and remarketing for the most effective ROI.

As of September 2015 we have seen cost per conversion as little as 30p and we’re delighted with the ongoing results from our PPC campaigns!


My rankings are now truly fantastic. I don’t think they could have pleased me more regarding my online marketing. I am a very happy customer and I am honoured to finally have a team who actually look after their customers! I make a 25% (and growing) profit increase with After Digital, it’s as simple as that." 

Jamie Bell, Managing Director,
Illuminated Mirrors

Social Media

Since the beginning of the partnership, we have actively managed the Illuminated Mirrors social accounts regularly coming up with creative campaign ideas and taking these through to fruition. For the first campaign we approached TV show ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’ in order to attain promotional merchandise and collateral to form the foundations of a creative new Facebook competition. We then built a dynamic competition application in Facebook. This campaign massively bolstered Illuminated Mirrors’ exposure on social channels and drove referral traffic to the site as well as gaining over 300 applicants to the competition. This year, we've nurtured a second partnership deal with Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and you will see our mirrors featured throughout this series - watch this space! We've also secured coverage in other leading publications and TV shows including Restoration Man.

This year we've seen the cost-per-click cost on Facebook adverts drop to as little as £0.01. In the same month, we partnered with newspaper The Daily Record to deliver a targeted Facebook competition app, aiming to boost brand awareness in the Scottish marketplace. The competition received almost 400 entries and a huge amount of engagement in terms of likes, shares and user-generated content.


GROWTH in Facebook fans


INCREASE in Twitter followers


BOOST in YouTube views and engagement

Reputation Management and Positioning

Due to manipulative, spammy link building and other poor practice conducted by previous parties the very serious decision was made to move domains and essentially start again. This meant conducting an in-depth audit of the new domain and setting about embarking on a sustainable content-led, link building strategy to establish online presence, increase rankings and ultimately drive traffic to the new site.

A variety of content marketing and outreach was conducted in order to create a varied back link to the profile. A big part of this has been in the online lifestyle and beauty niches particularly in relation to the ever-popular Hollywood Mirrors range.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’re all about great UX so after reviewing the conversion customer journey, we developed a ‘one-step’ checkout to improve the ease of purchase. These changes massively increased the number of visitors who went on to become customers, with basket drop-offs decreasing by around 60%.

Award winning results

The success of our digital marketing results have resulted in an impressive yearly online profit growth of 25% and revenue growth of 37%. What's more, we've been recognised through multiple awards for digital marketing for our work with Illuminated Mirrors, including winning the coveted 'Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2016' at Big Chip Awards, receiving a Commendation at the Drum Network Awards 2015 and coming runner up for a prestigious international Online Retail Award 2015 alongside leading global brands including The Bodyshop, Laura Ashley, and Toys'R'Us.