Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (GCMB) works with Glasgow City Council and partner agencies to raise the profile of Scotland’s largest city and make it an attractive place to live, study, work or visit. It’s public facing brand PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW, launched in 2013, emulates the city’s vibrant and people-centric nature. In line with this launch the organisation required a bold new web presence that better communicated this message and reached out to new international audiences.


INCREASE in unique visitors


BOOST in visitor engagement


GROWTH in page views


The People Make Glasgow site has always been a popular site with both international visitors and Glaswegians alike, looking to find out what’s on locally. After Digital’s creative team brought the new brand to life in the online space, hosting in-depth stakeholder strategy and design workshops that brought key objectives and goals to the fore. This research analysed how to best present stakeholder information, whilst creating the most intuitive and seamless user experience possible.

Going Global

With the aim of enhancing the global profile of People Make Glasgow and the city, After Digital designed and developed a modern, and visually stunning suite of responsive websites catering to each international market.


INCREASE in US traffic


BOOST in French visitors


GROWTH in German visitors

People Make Glasgow website by After Digital

UX Design and Bespoke Development

Our UX design experts worked closely with the GCMB team to consider how best to use a complementary mix of media, calls-to-action and bespoke features in order to best present a large volume of content to a number of very different user personas.

The website is technically sophisticated, with multiple language capabilities and centralised multisite management. What’s more, a bespoke functionality 'Visitor Itinerary' was also crafted by After Digital’s experienced developers, where users can build their own itinerary from a wide range of events on the PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW website. The itinerary can then be downloaded and shared.


The Output

Scooping wins and nominations at multiple awards across the UK, the site has been a major success. With the launch of the new responsive website from After Digital visitor engagement has increased by over 15%, with a massive increase of 61% in people staying on the site for more than 10 minutes in January 2015 compared to the October last year (pre site launch). Mobile traffic has grown significantly by 51%, in line with the multi-device friendly design and international audiences have grown enormously (40% increase in US traffic, 215% boost in French visitors and a 60% growth in German visits for example).

“The ask was a fully redeveloped, delivering a responsive, user-centric website for visitors and tourists to Glasgow to engage with, taking into account current and forthcoming trends in digital marketing – as results illustrate After Digital achieved all of this, through comprehensive planning, technical expertise and close client-agency partnership working.”

Tom Rice, Head of Marketing Communications, GCMB

People Make Glasgow award-winning website design by After Digital

Ongoing Partnership

In May 2015, as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, we launched ‘Wonder Wall’. This social wall encourages users to upload their stories, images and videos to showcase all the things which make Glasgow great. Whether users are first time visitors or born and bred Glaswegians, the aim of the Wonder Wall is to inspire people with authentic experiences and help visitors make the most of their time in the city.

After Digital’s client services and digital marketing team continue to work closely with GCMB to ensure the website performs to its maximum capability, providing training and consultancy.