Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) is one of Scotland’s most popular theatres and a leading Scottish tourist attraction in the picturesque Victorian town of Pitlochry. Also comprising of the world-famous Enchanted Forests, PFT draws in tourists from across the globe every year. 

600 %

INCREASE in ticket daily ticket sales

3 sites

CENTRALLY managed via multi-site CMS

6 year

RELATIONSHIP evidencing results

Pitlochry Festival Theatre - Tessitura integration

In 2010, we won a competitive tender to develop an expansive web presence for PFT and all the attractions they offered, including the restaurant, bar, cafe, Enchanted Forest and Explorers Garden. The website was to integrate seamlessly with Tessitura to enable online ticketing and enhance the profile of the Theatre to a global audience. 

Pitlochry Festival Theatre - Tessitura ticketing technology integration

“We’ve been hugely impressed with AD. Their technical competence and the robustness of the solution, coupled with their creativity has resulted in a cracking new website and online ticketing system. The new website reflects our brand values and high standards in everything we do: on stage, off stage, and now online.”

Giles Conisbee, Head of Sales & Marketing,
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Tessitura ticketing technology

Although highly experienced at third-party system integration, this was our first introduction to the Tessitura CRM and online ticketing system. We spent considerable time exploring the API and system, to understand its functionality and limitations, ensuring we identified opportunities to best tailor our solution to the unique requirements of PFT.

Our experienced technical team scoped out ways to flex the system, thus offering dynamic seating options and enhanced capabilities for the PFT team.

The interface is fully integrated with the design templates from the directing website ensuring a seamless transition between the website and the booking system, and creating an enjoyable and intuitive user experience.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre - Tessitura integration Pitlochry Festival Theatre - Tessitura integration

“AD completed the original Pitlochry Festival Theatre website development and integration with the Tessitura booking system so we felt confident they would again produce excellent results. With The Enchanted Forest growing every year in popularity and scope we were keen to offer visitors a simple and easy way to book tickets online. The new system will improve administration processes and overall management of the event.”

Derek Allan, Former Creative Director,
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre websites

A seamless and efficient digital solution

Both PFT and Enchanted Forest websites were developed to operate through the same Tessitura integration, with these and the Explorers Garden centralised via our custom multi-site manager component. The speed and efficiency of the integration work we did on this project led to Tessitura America contacting us to congratulate us on the standard of work delivered.

Increased ticket sales and online revenues

Launched back in 2011, the ticketing solution and site have proven robust, handling a major surge in last minute sales for the Theatre's annual Enchanted Forest event in the first year, which resulted in an increase of 600% in daily ticket sales over the web alone (in comparison with the same period in the year previous). Beyond this, the website resulted in a boost in unique visitors to the site of 75% and continues to serve the PFT well, supporting a sold-out Enchanted Forest event every year since launch.

Since the initial PFT integration, both our own Tessitura solution and the Tessitura API has come a long way. We've just launched the next evolution of the PFT website and Tessitura ticketing solution.

With their new sites now live, you can now see our latest work for PFT via the case study below.