Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) prides itself on being one of the leading Scottish tourist attractions, as well as one of Scotland’s most popular theatres, attracting over 100,000 people per year. Famous for their large scale productions, impeccable costume and set, and high standards, PFT caters to all genres from comedies to period drama. With a relationship spanning almost a decade, which includes developing their original website and ticketing platform alongside the Enchanted Forest and Explorers Garden, we were contracted once again in 2016 to create and develop a new website which better reflected their evolving brand and with an aim to enhance their responsive journeys, optimise the use of the Tessitura API, introduce e-commerce functionality and provide the ability to up-sell dinners and ticket packages to customers.


INCREASE in sessions


INCREASE in users


INCREASE in ticket purchases

Pitlochry Festival Theatre website by After Digital

Working with the Tessitura CRM and online ticketing system, our team identified the best opportunities to tailor the solution to the unique requirements of PFT. Using a combination of workshops to understand key user journeys, review user personas and analyse the previous site’s analytics, the team at After Digital were then able to wireframe and design the responsive templates for the site along with an in-depth technical specification. As the remit for the site was to rework both sites for the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Explorers Garden we ensured that the templates and components that built up the site were flexible and reusable with similar styling across the two websites, limiting their need to train staff on how to use two different sites.

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A large part of our work was moving their site from Joomla to WordPress CMS, as this system offered a better solution for their current needs. During the Discovery process, we found that WordPress offered a more appropriate administrator experience for PFT’s requirements, such as:

  • Ease of administration
  • Increased flexibility and ownership at the client side
  • One of the largest open source platforms on the market so a plethora of available plugins and forums to support the client's needs as they grow and evolve
  • Serves as a great foundation for the T-Bridge product from After Digital, thus enabling advanced online ticketing functionality

The new PFT site utilised After Digital’s T-Bridge, product which further enhances the Tessitura platform and its power, utilising the API to facilitate ease of administration and providing dynamic content population site-wide.

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99 %

DECREASE in site abandonment rate


INCREASE in 'What's on' page views


INCREASE in newsletter signup

“Overnight we have doubled the volume of online transactions as well as realising new revenue streams. We couldn’t be happier.”

Giles Conisbee, Head of Sales & Marketing,
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

We explored how e-commerce functionality (beyond ticketing) could best be integrated into the user experience, leveraging T-Bridge and Tessitura to provide an online extension to their hugely popular in-house gift shop. PFT is now able to promote, showcase and sell artworks from local artists via their new website, creating a new revenue stream and expanding their reach.

With an aim to improve self-serve, the site was further enhanced by integrating smart filtering functionality, as well as aiding users to the purchase path both more quickly and more easily than before.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 13.41.11Pitlochry Festival Theatre website by After Digital Explorers Garden website by After Digital

Doubling online transactions & opening new opportunities

The two new websites launched in 2017 with much success. The new Pitlochry Festival Theatre website has driven a considerable 30% uplift in users and a massive 34% growth in ticket sales. What’s more site abandonment is down 99% and conversions across the board have increased dramatically, for example, newsletter sign-ups have grown 12,600% and visits to the What’s On page (arguably the most important landing page on the site) have increased by 5,955%.

Since the launch of the new PFT site, ‘Explorers Garden’ has become a partner garden of the Royal Horticultural Society. The websites continue to support the business’ objectives of increased ease of administration, improved customer experience and self-serve, driving increased online ticket sales and realising new revenue streams.

We continue to work alongside PFT and wish them continued success with their sites.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre responsive website and Tessitura integration by After Digital

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