Psycle London first opened its doors in February 2014 on Mortimer Street as a unique boutique fitness studio. Core to Psycle’s beliefs is that they provide more than just working out, they believe in bringing people together as a community to enjoy a timetable of fitness classes for mind, body and soul. Their programme includes workouts such as, spin, barre, strength and yoga which embody total wellness.

Psycle commissioned After Digital in early 2018 to review and report on their existing performance build a clear marketing strategy for the next 12 months which their in-house team could take forward. We also worked on a hands-on basis for 3 months to get them set up and started before their in-house team continued with our digital strategy themselves.

We identified a considerable opportunity to develop Psycle's marketing strategy with expert digital services and support across PPC, SEO, social media and UX. Utilising key learnings from their previous campaigns and market insight, we created an effective strategy which focused on delivering high ROI. A large part of this

Competitive Marketplace

Psycle’s marketplace is a highly competitive one, with companies making an active push for custom across the areas of fitness they specialise in, especially for terms such as ‘yoga classes’ which, (according to Google Trends), held the highest interest at the time.

Our task was to build on Psycle’s existing brand exposure within the last 12 months and increase brand awareness, registrations and acquisition of email addresses.

UX Review

As part of the discovery and onboarding process, we provided Psycle with a UX review of their website which was key to optimising their conversion rates across all campaigns. Our award-winning design team and UX specialist uncovered a whole host of issues with their site such as navigation, typography, colour contrast, CTAs (buttons and links), content hierarchy, information architecture, forms and filters, booking classes and buying credits.

Psycle’s website was also reviewed against the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines which make the web accessible to people with disabilities such as blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning difficulties, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech difficulties and/ or photosensitivity.

The site was benchmarked up to AA standard (there are 3 levels A, AA, and AAA).

psycle website page


Another aspect of the discovery and onboarding process saw us reviewing SEO and making recommendations relating to the improvement of their visibility within organic search results.

For any site to succeed within the search engines it's vital that it can be crawled and indexed efficiently by search engine bots. To ensure SEO success it is vital that we put in place measures that allow search bot crawls to be maximised with high-quality content as opposed to pages with duplicate content, overly complicated URLs and low-quality content pages.

We conducted a full technical SEO audit of Psycles website which saw us review their website for technical errors, on-page optimisation and audit their Google Analytics account. From this, we provided Psycle with a detailed analysis and a list of actionable recommendations to ensure their site could be effectively and efficiently crawled by search engines.


Prior to taking over the account PPC activity had not been utilised within the previous 12 months. Starting virtually from scratch we ran A/B tests to ensure optimal messaging and tested various formats and audiences to identify the most performant combinations.
A mix of keyword and display activity proved successful. Display activity which targeted placements associated with health and fitness with these ads also appearing on health and training related youtube channels and videos with all targeting focussed around London.
For keyword activity we focused on 3 keyword themes; general fitness, Ride and Yoga classes whilst again only showing ads to people in the London area. The ride classes keyword theme which includes spin class keywords generated the highest number of conversions
This resulted in an average CTR of 13.58% on keyword activity and a 0.40% CTR on display activity within 3 months.

Social Media

Working across Facebook and Instagram, we utilised a variety of campaigns and tested, refined and optimised a variety of audiences in order to hit the objectives set by Psycle. We worked Psycle’s marketing team to plan out their content calendar, A/B test their ads and audiences in order to zero in on the key creative and key audiences that would advance their brand and deliver ROI.

We worked with their internal marketing team to test not only the copy but imagery and video too, all the while ensuring that it was fitting with Psycle’s vibrant persona to ensure high engagement. During our time working with Psycle, we introduced boosted content specific to each of Psycle’s locations to promote their events calendar which proved successful in ensuring high footfall.

In order to ensure that Psycle’s budget was efficiently used, we pulled back from advertising to the whole of London and focused on a target area within a radius of their 3 main locations. This way they were more likely to target people living, working or visiting that area when compared with the entirety of London who may be unable or unwilling to travel long distances for a workout. Due to this, users from social channels increased 30% with a 39% growth in new users specifically within 3 months.

Within 3 months we had a strong outline of who Psycle should target and how they should present content in order to guarantee success which their in house team could then take forward.

example of psycle ads on social media



INCREASE in CTR within 3 months


INCREASE in contributed social conversions within 3 months


INCREASE in last interaction social conversions within 3 months


Big Results

We assisted Psycle in exceeding their web traffic target by 165% and their email database target by 107%. Tracked registrations grew a whopping 237.83% within 3 months.



INCREASE in unique users to the site in 3 months


INCREASE in new users to the site within 3 months


INCREASE in tracked registrations within 3 months

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