When we met Retail Insight they already had an impressive FMCG client roster, including Diageo, Walmart, Sainsbury's, Nestle and more. But, with ambitions to continue their expansion into new markets with their expert decision science products and services, this project entailed a complete transformation in brand, identity, proposition and culture, alongside the realisation of these across all channels.

True business transformation

Working with the directors, we set off on our journey of discovery, immersing ourselves into RI's business plan and company culture.

We wanted to retain the trust and authority the company had already grown amongst its loyal customer base, whilst analysing the marketplace to identify new opportunities for growth. Working with a wealth of data and insight into their customers, we mapped out user personas, requirements and scenarios, to begin to understand the direction and first steps needed on our digital transformation journey.

Old Brand Identity

Retail Insight before rebrand by After Digital

“We wanted to completely redevelop our corporate identity in order to better communicate our unique proposition and experience. The team at After Digital worked closely with us to get to the heart of our business and our audiences, building on our values and vision to craft a relevant, invigorated and visually stunning new identity that we’re proud to represent us on the world stage.”

- Kearn Faltyn, Strategy Director, RI (Retail Insight)

Brand Development

Formerly known as Retail Insight, the old brand, collateral and website failed to communicate the quality of the company's offering. The website was not responsive, nor did it make use of new technologies. Much of the company's former guidelines and templates had become misused and, as a result, the brand image was somewhat overcomplicated. So, whilst the transition to the name RI had already started to occur, the brand had a long way to go to match their vision.

Increasingly in recent years, we've been approached by clients looking to evolve their brands to work more effectively in the online space. There has been a shift from the traditional brand development process, which worked primarily for print, to a digital-first brand approach. For this project, we were looking to create a completely new identity, complete with guidelines, assets and templates (both for on and offline).

We started with some business analysis workshops, uncovering company values and establishing how the new vision would be translated into a new identity.

RI user persona development with After Digital
RI brand development by After Digital
RI brand strategy workshop

Achieving their vision

The aim was to craft a new corporate identity that clearly positions RI’s distinctive blend of expertise and knowledge on an international scale.

Decision science is all about extracting knowledge or insights from a volume of either structured or unstructured data to analyse patterns or create solutions.

The new identity visually communicates this process, using the logotype as a structured piece of visual data and the geometric shapes individually throughout collateral to create an interesting dynamic flow. The five core areas of capability and expertise are represented by the deconstructed elements all held together and united by the cornerstones of business and science.

New colour palettes, pattern libraries and typography were established that further strengthened their core messages.

RI logo by After Digital
ri animated branding
RI brand guidelines by After Digital

A new website to reach the world

Once the new branding had been crafted, it was time to look at building the new website. Our UX specialists held workshops to explore content priorities, information architecture and user journeys. They produced low-fi wireframes on-site with the RI team, allowing for rapid development into digital wireframes, which required very little further amendment.

From here a series of flexible templates and components were created, which will allow RI to scale and evolve the website in line with their changing needs. These new blocks enable them to completely alter the look and feel of landing pages, all while remaining fully responsive and dynamic.

The site features subtle use of interaction design and front-end development, with parallax and hover states encouraging exploration of content. Built on the open source CMS WordPress, the website is both lightweight and robust, whilst providing optimal usability for users and administrators alike.

RI wireframes by After Digital
RI website development by After Digital
RI website design by After Digital

Iterate. Test. Refine.

Leveraging all the benefits of our agile process we were able to rapidly develop key website functionality and features to gain immediate feedback from the RI team. Interactive prototypes were produced, showing how design elements would come to life on the website.

RI mobile menu prototype by After Digital

A complete business and digital transformation

The output was a complete business transformation, driven and supported by digital at its heart. The new brand identity and website were successfully rolled out across the company, to positive feedback from all stakeholders, as evidenced by the testimonial below.

“We approached After Digital having seen the results they'd achieved for many other clients and the quality of their work. Our brief was originally fairly loose and vast - We needed to completely reposition the company and create an identity that resonated with all our stakeholders. They helped us to define the scope of this work, creating a roadmap of activity and working hands on with us over several months in order to deliver it. This included guiding us on how to implement more effective agile processes and develop our company culture. We couldn't be happier with our new brand and website, both of which are testament to a close working relationship and true partnership."

- John Paul McNeill, COO, RI (Retail Insight)

RI corporate identity branding by After Digital
RI corporate branding by After Digital