The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) are one of Scotland's most influential membership organisations. They are consulted by businesses, charities and Government on key aspects of the Scottish diaspora and the impact of ideas and policy decisions that may be made. They enjoy a long history and notable reputation as a truly objective third party, able and willing to advise and input into policy areas for the betterment of civic society in Scotland.

SCDI had already undertaken a lot of internal research into their IT, infrastructure, CRM needs and the organisational structure needed to move them into the digital age.

The brief

Our brief then was much tighter than any we’ve had before. This led to a short burst of clearly defined workshops, quite a bit more desk research than usual and reading as we assimilated all of the previous work into their Digital Roadmap and strategy for the coming years. It is a testimony to, not only the robustness, but also the flexibility of our tried and tested process that we could stretch certain aspects of our consulting, whilst shrinking others with no impact on the outcomes. The big question was:

“How can SCDI redefine it’s Digital offer to better engage with members and gain deeper insights whilst also driving efficiencies and greater productivity from their small, dedicated workforce?”

- The SCDI Brief

SCDI event

What was the process?

Having defined the scope of the project at a kick off session, we devised a series of workshops that covered the necessary topics to discuss. As always AD’s team aimed to make these sessions interactive, fun and engaging, our experience showing that this approach allows the client's team to relax and share in a safe environment.

Following a full day of workshopping the consulting team drafted a comprehensive 16-month roadmap with a supporting business case and a range of appendices, covering topics as diverse as user persona’s, CRM requirements ticketing and digital asset management platform recommendations, as well as CMS pros and cons.

All of the recommendations were broadly accepted and work began on the implementation of the roadmap.

What did we do?

The AD consulting team spent a day with the senior team in workshops designed to tease out key areas of activity and focus for the organisation, as well as the technical requirements that would support their achievement. We reviewed subjects as diverse as CRM, marketing, HR, IT & Infrastructure, and the demands of remote working and member engagement and collaboration.

Feedback at the end of the day centred around the ability for the SMT to spend time on bigger strategic issues and the streamlining of legacy administrative processes and systems to free up all of the team to be more efficient.

16 MO.






SCDI speakers


Our work led to the creation of a fully itemised digital roadmap spanning 16 months and covering four core workstreams. There were a dozen appendices offered to support the recommendations, covering diverse aspects of the roadmap, such as a CMS requirements statement and a range of user personas that needed to be addressed as part of the new web build.

Within the roadmap, we offered structured recommendations that were fully Cost/Benefit/Risk analysed, covering The SCDI identity, their infrastructure, their audiences and the organisational development needed to support the roadmap. Overall, notable achievements include:

  •  Enhanced digital interactivity at the SCDI annual forum
  • New website delivered
  • Digital Enhancements delivered within the SCDI annual Forum conference
  • New CRM commissioning in place
  • Event ticketing platform being reviewed

“Working with AD’s consulting team has allowed me to drive focus on the digital changes SCDI can make to enhance our member engagement. We all found both the workshops and the reports valuable in crystallizing our thinking about what needs to be done, the investment needed and the resources and timescales to make it happen.”

Mark Bevan, CEO, SCDI

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