With over 5000 workshops globally and a heritage dating back over 40 years, Stoneridge Electronics is a market leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality components, technology and software for vehicles. Founded in Ohio, the company has grown internationally, both physically moving into new markets and with a large-scale online ecommerce function. OPTAC was established as Stoneridge's brand for their bespoke tacograph analysis software and accessories throughout Europe. In 2015, Stoneridge contracted us to support them in building the OPTAC brand, accessing new global B2C and B2B customers, and placing them at the forefront of the marketplace.


ECOMMERCE multi-lingual websites delivered


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US proposition & website launched

OPTAC discovery

Operating in the UK and Europe and with plans to expand further into the international marketplace, OPTAC's brief centred around the need for a new, fully responsive, ecommerce, multi-site solution. Well-versed in designing and developing complex 50+ multi-site platforms for major hotel chains and the likes, combined with our decade of Magento development experience, After Digital came out as the obvious choice for the job.

With a multitude of products available across a number of international markets, the ability to locate, purchase and access information with ease was pivotal for OPTAC’s online success.

“We chose After Digital for the OPTAC project as they were the right fit for our business in terms of the agile working environment and their long-term strategic thinking. Our aim was to overhaul our existing website in order to provide our customers with a more flexible and simple platform with which to communicate and interact with us.”

- Vicki Tramma, Head of Marketing, Stoneridge Electronics

Making Magento work harder

Through our on-site, collaborative process, we worked with the OPTAC team to establish key user personas, scenarios and conversion paths. From here, site architecture and content prioritisation could occur, before our creatives got to work on the site design.

The new website templates had to be flexible enough to allow for customisation across different regions, whilst maintaining a high-quality, standardised look and feel, to ensure a strengthened international brand identity. This required both our designers and front-end developers to work closely together, considering languages, varying symbols, spacing and rendering. In addition, a multi-site solution was needed to allow for the centralised management of all country websites via a single, flexible content management system.

Built on the popular ecommerce CMS Magento, our development team set to work building a platform which allowed for maximum administrative control and flexibility, whilst ensuring security and scalability were achieved.

Stoneridge Electronics - OPTAC website by After Digital

Form and function

Site launch was just the beginning. Our experienced strategic consultants and digital marketing team worked with OPTAC to audit SEO regularly, implement conversion rate optimisation practices and run acquisition marketing campaigns across both outreach and PPC.

In addition to testing, heatmapping was used to test various elements of the real user experience and design, and identify opportunities for refinement and improvement. This data allowed us to iterate and develop the website, constantly making small (but critical) improvements based on audience feedback.

A lasting relationship

We launched a platform with seven multi-lingual, centrally-managed but distinct, ecommerce websites.

The success of this project resulted in Stoneridge contracting us to develop a whole new Magento website for the USA, introducing a new product to market. In addition, they continue to work closely with us via a support retainer and digital marketing retainer.

Stoneridge Electronics - ELD website by After Digital