Founded in 1932 the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) is one of the world’s leading orchestras, providing the music for Hollywood blockbusters including The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Lawrence of Arabia, performing world-class concerts, and having established its very own record label. With a wide international following, LPO realised the need to provide a modern and accessible online presence and ecommerce ticketing solution to continue to engage with audiences across the globe.


INCREASE in online transactions in month following launch


VISITORS are welcomed to the site on average every month


TRAFFIC now comes from happy mobile and tablet users

London Philharmonic Orchestra - user experience design

Looking to bolster conversions through more intuitive design and a harmonic Tessitura integration, the solution started with in-depth content and competitor analysis. This critical process informed the architecture of various different user journeys, including key ones such as the purchase and donation path. The content was then fine-tuned in line with the organisational objectives of widening their appeal and audience, whilst increasing brand awareness.

Putting the end user at the heart of the digital strategy, we provided significant digital consultancy and strategic direction to support the LPO’s learning journey throughout the project. Working collaboratively and on site, with workshops and research, we audited the 'what is' situation and opportunities in the marketplace and with the target audiences.

This analysis formed the foundations for the creative team to develop over 40 wireframes, in order to help the LPO visualise information architecture and key user stories, so as to optimise the effectiveness of content, pages and calls to action (CTAs).

From these wireframes, our creative team could then develop a number of responsive design concepts in line with LPO’s existing branding and informed by both the previous analysis and existing user data. We further developed their branding into an appropriate digital palette, creating a seamless link between offline and online collateral.

London Philharmonic Orchestra digital branding

Tessitura ticketing expertise

Once complete, designs were moved on by our experienced web development team who carefully constructed bespoke functionality (optimising on responsive design to cater to cross-device accessibility) and implemented a seamless integration with the Tessitura platform via After Digital’s bespoke Tessitura Bridge product. This integration optimised the ticketing process, offering a great all-round user experience for website visitors and administrators alike, whilst maximising management capability and control of the CRM for LPO. Unique to this Tessitura integration is a dynamically generated seating plan that pulls information from the Tessitura API, thus avoiding the use of Flash and enhancing user accessibility.

Unique to this Tessitura integration was a dynamically generated seating plan, which pulled information from the Tessitura API, thus avoiding the use of Flash and enhancing user accessibility.

London Philharmonic Orchestra - Responsive web design


NEW revenue streams created online


INCREASE in user engagement


REVENUES in only 3 hours of new service being live

“We’re delighted to have launched our new website with After Digital at the start of our 2013-14 concert season. As well as a fresh new look and structure, it’s the responsive design and the full integration with our new box office system that really makes the site exciting for us as an organisation. We’re looking forward to being able to give our audiences and global community a much better web experience of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and are continuing to work with After Digital on additional features like language capabilities.”

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Enhanced user experiences, increased revenues

The output of our work is an accessible platform that offers an optimal user experience, encourages visitors to convert into customers/donators/members and successfully integrates Tessitura technology to support the all important purchase process.

The dynamic and accessible solution has massively bolstered sales, resulting in a 168% increase in online transactions in month one and increased user engagement (page views per session) by 20%. We continue to work with LPO delivering advanced custom functionality, such as the launch of ‘Series Discounts’, resulting in the organisation generating over £5,000 revenue in only 3 hours on the morning of the launch.

Efficiencies have come from clear and easy access to the various sources of revenue (tickets, donations, merchandise and membership) and the dynamic cross-selling/up-selling of these within the new user-friendly and intuitive purchase paths.

We are about to launch even more innovations, maximising the potential of the Tessitura integration - watch this space!

London Philharmonic Orchestra - Responsive design
London Philharmonic Orchestra - mobile friendly website