Founded in 2009, UWI Technology developed UWI Label - a product which displays the time elapsed from when a container was first opened, as well as indicating whether products are safe or no longer safe to consume. Despite being used primarily in the food and drinks industry, the UWI Label has applications in Aerospace, Life Science, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals too. Following a recent round of fundraising investment, UWI Technology was able to progress from small to large scale testing and selling licenses for commercial manufacturing.

The previous website lacked in interactivity, style and functionality, having been designed and built according to tight time constraints. With this new investment, UWI Technology had undergone a rebranding exercise and wanted to continue this modernisation with the complete renovation of their online presence.


INCREASE in traffic from mobile devices


INCREASE in pageviews


UPLIFT in visitors



Strategy and UX

All our projects kick-off with analysis into our client’s business and marketplace, in order to identify currently positioning, benchmarking and future prospects. This research is critical in establishing both business and user needs, in order to build out informed user scenarios and stories.

During our stakeholder and desk research, it was uncovered the smart label industry is expected to reach $10 billion by 2020 making it a fiercely competitive market with huge potential for innovation. Plus, when it comes to the smart, time-indicating labels, we noted the widest commercial audience lies in the consumable food market. With regards to the cosmetics industry, particularly when it comes to organic products, there are dangers of utilising products past their use by date and therefore huge potential for UWI Technology to position themselves as a practical solution within this market.

With lots of intelligent labels in production, there is much confusion for consumers, which a new industry-leading website could help to tackle head on.


INCREASE in new visitors to the site


UPLIFT in tablet users visiting the site


of visitors are returning visitors

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With scalability and ease of administration in mind, we explored the different content management system (CMS) solutions on offer to UWI Technology. Given the scope and technical requirements of the new site, it was decided that the open source platform WordPress offered everything they needed both now and looking ahead. With some experience on this platform already, this offered the double benefit of existing knowledge client side.

The designs were brought to life by our talented development team who worked to incorporate elements of material design and meaningful interactivity. Video streaming was integrated into core templates for increased flexibility of content and to encourage users to engage with UWI messaging.


Crafted to the bespoke needs of UWI Technology, the site was launched back in November 2015. Within the first month and a half, the site saw a 40% uplift in total visitors, 30% increase in pageviews and a 27% growth in new visitors (compared to the same period in the previous year). Additionally, the new responsive design has encouraged a massive increase in mobile traffic of 114%, alongside a 52% growth in tablet visits.

With results like this already, we’re excited to see what comes next and to continue working with UWI Technology as they prosper and grow.