Scotland on Tap was set up by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland to provide non-household customers (businesses, charities and NPOs) with the facts about the competitive nature of the water market in order to make an informed choice over their water supplier.

In using the service provided by Scotland on Tap, businesses can lower their water and sewage prices, benefit from an improved service, greater water efficiency and more innovation in the industry. In order to get this message out, Scotland on Tap needed a bold, user-friendly, multi-device website that allowed users to navigate content with ease.

At the beginning of 2008, Scotland became the first country in the world to offer businesses, public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations choice over their water supplier. Business water rates have now become very competitive and with the introduction of competition in the water industry, Scotland has brought in greater choice and more tailored services which has led to lower prices for business.


INCREASE in new visitors in month of launch


GROWTH in sessions in the first quarter


COUNTRY to offer business water supplier choice

Scotland on Tap design by After Digital

In order to further enhance our understanding of the aims of the project and what Scotland on Tap had to offer we began with industry analysis and a review of key competitors. With Scotland on Tap being a newly established organisation it had little traction online, with no linking root domains, very few indexed pages on search engines and low monthly visitors in comparison to others in the industry.

UX Design and Development

The bold design clearly communicates the organisation’s mission - positioning them as an unbiased promoter of positive competition in the marketplace. With no former brand guidelines in place, we worked closely with the Scotland on Tap team to develop a striking brand that stood out in a busy marketplace. Bespoke, interactive animation in primary and pastel colours were used throughout, in order to capture attention and engage site visitors.

To fully illustrate and describe processes we designed informative infographics alongside customised templates and assets in Prezi, in order to deliver stunning, interactive case studies for the website and other digital channels.


Built upon an open source CMS, the website is hugely scalable and allows for integration with third party systems. Maximising on Javascript, we focused on creating dynamic elements that enhanced the user experience.


The new, cross-device friendly website has encouraged increased engagement and massively boosted brand awareness throughout Scotland. Mobile traffic has increased dramatically, with the average visit duration up almost 20% on mobiles and 25% on tablets (when compared to the same pre-launch period). Since launch, the site has delivered on key goals, including encouraging more enquiries (with the contact form the second most popular web page).

What’s more, the site continues to perform well with 71% of all sessions from new visitors.

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland is a public sector organisation and for the redevelopment of our business customer website, Scotland On Tap, we therefore required a digital solution that offered the highest quality outcome, whilst also offering value for money. The aim of the new website is to attract and inform all businesses in Scotland about the competitive water market and provide users with a highly accessible and useful interface. We couldn't be more pleased with the new responsive website and all the work After Digital has delivered. We continue to receive many compliments on the site from both users and our stakeholders.

Head of Competition,
Water Industry Commission for Scotland

Scotland on Tap website by After Digital